Easy-Order Releases

We release new versions of our system every few weeks.

20.46 23/11/2020
  • Fixed a bug where Dintero's redirect would not work in desktop version after paying an order.
  • New function that exports the covid customer list to a .csv format with a selectable date period. The link can be found at locations/update.
  • Implementation of buffet in table ordering. The buffet works as product that is set in items/update page and after the customers buy it, a URL is sent to their phones with the item list free for ordering. Each buffet works only in the first device that opens the link and has limited duration.
  • Changed the message that shows when the system status is offline (orders report page).
  • A new log was created in the database to record all requests and responses of SMS integration.
  • Removed login button from table order.
20.45 13/11/2020
  • Prevent combos categories from duplicate in the top bar when the category has more than 1 combo.
  • Fix to products not following the available days configuration.
  • Correct link redirect to releases notes of the footer.
  • Change to combos details. We now show the combo description instead of the product description.
  • Several improvements to SMS integration process. Added a new link related to this at plugin/index page and a on/off switch.
  • Removed the guest count of the covid registration page and set the export list function to 14 days ago at maximum, instead of 10 days.
20.30 29/07/2020
  • Register and update combos
  • Group items inside combo