Easy-Order Releases

We release new versions of our system every few weeks.

21.09 02/03/2021
  • Improves to Dintero's session id handling. Fixed a bug where the customer could pay the order twice using Vipps.
  • Fixed a layout bug where the item list would broke with only one item.
  • Fixed a bug where the tips and delivery fee would come twice in the receipt page order lines.
  • Added a new report that generates a list of customers that registered themselves in our covid identification page, including phone, table and order numbers. The user can select the date period, send this data by email and also register a image of the table setup.
  • Now when customers are registered in our covid identification page, there's a 2 hour cookie that prevents them from registering again when they scan the QR code during this period.
  • Adapted the .csv file generated in covid/lists to the new fields added recently. Fields like surname, table number and country code are now in the export file.
  • Changed the vat for self checkout when Eat Choice option is deactivated.
21.05 05/02/2021
  • Menu on to of the browser where user are using a mobile device - Prevent the item list to get on top of the topbar menu when scrolling the products in step 1 and 2.
  • Removed the Resync SMS button from Tino´s Hotell og Restaurant AS and Beitostølen Lodge Barcraft AS.
  • Added a * in mandatory fields of the customer registration page (step 3).
  • The companies list of session/choose URL now shows if each company is a PCK or SMS client. If the Post Order URL is defined in SMS clients, the list shows that the sync is active, otherwise not active.
  • We moved the SMS Order Sync from the step 4 (when an order is completed and the receipt is shown) to Dintero's callback. We also make sure that the session info is cleared after the payment.
  • The company registration by email link was turned off. Now it is just the form with a new module selection (Booking, Takeaway, etc...)
  • Customer discount new rule: if a discount doesn't point to an specific item or menu, it will be applied to all items.
  • The modal for inserting the table number now shows the current location's name.
  • We improved the covid report that generates a .csv file export located in the Links tab of restaurant/locations/update/. Now it is ordered by date and show the table number when available (this is not always available because the phone number needs to have an order registered in the same day as the visit).
  • Added new fields to the covid registration form: last name, table number and country code.
20.49 11/12/2020
  • Norrein's item calculation pages are online, although they are still on a development process.
  • SMS integration improvement: now a message is shown to the customer in the receipt page in case the API returns an error of "Not possible to order".
  • Items update page was improved, now having different tabs to make the layout more clear. Also, there is a new description field.
  • Text changes in "Legg til ingrediens" and "Legg til ingredienser", both changed to "Legg til" only.
20.48 03/12/2020
  • Fix to prevent the restaurant address row from losing its company_id field in database when submiting the update of locations/update page. This happened after the session information was lost, usually when the user login in the same browser in both plugin/direct and control panel.
  • Fix to the buffet URL flag that was undefined in some cases.
  • Fix to prevent the Default User (table ordering user) to access the Min Side page that contains all order history.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to SMS integration: checking when urls of plugin/index are not defined, changing the pos live check and changing department number meta variable.
  • New layout for the department update page (locations/update).
  • Text change to the receipt page when using the Auto Generate Table No feature. We now show the text "Hente Nr" instead of "Bord".
20.47 27/11/2020
  • Using new method that prevents sales when SMS Pos is offline.
  • Miscellaneous changes like tips display in order report, remove MVA from basket and text translation.
  • The buffet feature now takes in consideration items with price. The customer is redirected to checkout if an item with price > 0 is in the basket.
20.46 23/11/2020
  • Fixed a bug where Dintero's redirect would not work in desktop version after paying an order.
  • New function that exports the covid customer list to a .csv format with a selectable date period. The link can be found at locations/update.
  • Implementation of buffet in table ordering. The buffet works as product that is set in items/update page and after the customers buy it, a URL is sent to their phones with the item list free for ordering. Each buffet works only in the first device that opens the link and has limited duration.
  • Changed the message that shows when the system status is offline (orders report page).
  • A new log was created in the database to record all requests and responses of SMS integration.
  • Removed login button from table order.
20.45 13/11/2020
  • Prevent combos categories from duplicate in the top bar when the category has more than 1 combo.
  • Fix to products not following the available days configuration.
  • Correct link redirect to releases notes of the footer.
  • Change to combos details. We now show the combo description instead of the product description.
  • Several improvements to SMS integration process. Added a new link related to this at plugin/index page and a on/off switch.
  • Removed the guest count of the covid registration page and set the export list function to 14 days ago at maximum, instead of 10 days.
20.30 29/07/2020
  • Register and update combos
  • Group items inside combo